Nisha Vyas


'I am a committed coach, trainer and mentor, with an accredited diploma in transformational coaching, approved by the International Coaching Federation. (ICF)

I’m passionate about people and have always thrived within the various high-profile roles I’ve undertaken. These have included running high-performance teams, managing blue chip and HNW accounts and communicating directly with C level directors, Football agents and players and VIPs.

Despite a successful career within Sport, I found myself and others questioning their motivation and feeling increasingly stressed. We neglect our well-being in favour of work, which inevitably leads to exhaustion and an unhealthy work/life balance.

I made the decision to delve into the world of Personal Development, after experiencing the lasting impact it can create first-hand. It quite literally transformed my life. As a result, I finally understood the importance of positive connection, self-motivation and releasing the limitations that had held me back. More importantly, I began to recognise the importance of taking care of myself mentally.

It is absolutely possible to have a successful career, without sacrificing your physical and mental health, or your relationships. You just need to know how!

I have made it my life’s mission to develop people and businesses in a way that creates a healthy personal and professional balance. I believe everyone can benefit from coaching and would like to show you how to enhance your life in a way that suits you.'

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